Now Seeking Volunteers
The Somali Artifact and Cultural Museum is seeking volunteers to assist with greeting gallery visitors and cataloguing artifacts. Call (612) 234-1625 to volunteer. All levels of weekly commitment are welcome.
By Appointment: 612-234-1625

1516 East Lake St.
Suite 11 (Lower Level)
Minneapolis 55407

Recent Collections
  • somali art
  • Salli
  • Koor Aleen Ah (Wooden Camel or Cow Bell)
  • Waran (Spear)
  • Sali (Prayer Mat)
  • Subeeciyad (Traditional Women Dress)
  • Qarbed (Water Container)
  • Sibraar (Milk Container)
  • Haan (Milk Container)
  • Waadaan ( Water Bucket )
  • Diil Gori ah ( Wooden Milk Vessel)
  • Handhuub (Milk Jar)
  • Kurbiin iyo Fandhaal (Coffee and oil bowl and wooden spoon)
  • Xeedho iyo Fandhal (Wooden bowl and wooden spoon)
  • Kebab
  • Diil Aleelaysan (Milk Vessle Decorated with seashells)
  • Kool (Beads)
  • Biirjiko (Charcoal container used for Cooking)
  • Kiishad (Traditional Belt)
  • Incense Burner (Dabqaad)
Museum and
  • Kebab
  • Masrafad (Meat Mat)
  • Haan Ama Dhiil (Milk Container)
  • Wooden Coffee and Oil Bowl (Kurbin)
  • Abluted Vessel (Weeso Argeeg ah)
  • Traditional Shoes (Kaab)
  • Botany Collection
  • Haan Ama Dhiil (Milk Container)
  • Kebeb